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Anonymous Philanthropy
Service Area: National
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WE ARE A TEAM OF PHILANTHROPIC EXPERTS AND ADVISORS HELPING THE WORLD’S ULTRA SUCCESSFUL SUPERCHARGE THEIR GIVING AND BUILD LASTING LEGACIES. We believe the old model of giving is broken, and take an entrepreneurial approach to the causes our clients care most about. When there’s no obvious solution to a problem, we build one from the ground up. We sit at the intersection of an amazing network of thought leaders, subject matter experts, donors, change-makers, celebrities, and icons. We engage this network to build powerful movements that catalyze the change our clients want to see in the world. We don’t think philanthropy should be measured by dollars given away but by impact and fulfillment–which are most powerful when achieved in balance.

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Contact: Josh Stamer
Phone: (615) 819-5000
CK Communications
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An essential element of any fundraising campaign or emerging philanthropic organization, the case for support is an opportunity to define why your mission matters, articulate the impact of donor support, and inspire donors with a compelling vision of what’s possible with their philanthropy. CK Communications brings expertise and a depth of experience in collaborating with nonprofit leadership to craft effective cases for support for nonprofit organizations across sectors.
A successful frontline fundraiser for more than 12 years, Carlin Kuhlmann, founder of CK Communications, is an expert at crafting messaging that inspires donors to give and motivates volunteers to act. From gift proposals to impact reports, feature articles to donor newsletters, website content to campaign communications, CK Communications is your partner in creating the communications pieces you need for fundraising success.
When done right, social media can be an effective tactic for your organization to tell the story of your impact and stay connected with donors and constituents. CK Communications is skilled at creating a variety of content across social media platforms that not only resonates with your audience, but helps you broaden your constituent base.

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Phone: (949) 466-6719
Covenant Philanthropic Solutions
Service Area: Primarily Southern California, but experience with and ability to serve clients in many US regions.
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Campaign Management - The Covenant team is prepared to help you and your team start your campaign strong and finish well, running alongside you to the finish line. Our campaign management services, which deploy expert campaign managers from our staff to support your campaign, are scalable and flexible and are designed to deliver the experience and expertise required to succeed with your extraordinary campaign initiative. Campaign Counsel - Our experienced and expert campaign consultants are capable of coming alongside your organizational and campaign leadership to provide the high-level guidance, advice, training, and support your campaign requires. We provide this service in a high-touch, personal, and tailored manner.
If you need high-level, expert guidance and advice on philanthropic matters, Covenant’s team of experts can be available on retainer or for specific projects as they arise. When those big questions arise, Covenant is the firm to call.
Development Audits and Assessments - Striving to reach the full philanthropic potential of an organization is a never-ending endeavor. That being said, organizations can make significant strides in the advancement of their fundraising enterprise through development audits and assessments. Whether your organization needs to build its first-ever multi-year development plan or fine-tune some specific aspect of your fundraising (i.e. - data, board engagement, staffing, major gifts, planned giving, etc.), Covenant can partner with you to elevate philanthropy.
Pre-Campaign Planning - Successful campaigns are built on proper planning and preparation. Whether your organization has conducted many campaigns or this is your organization’s first campaign effort, pre-campaign planning and preparation are vital. Covenant’s support, whether through a comprehensive feasibility and planning study or advisory guidance, can help assure your success.
Interim Development Staffing Solutions - When key members depart from your development team, there is often a need to fill that vacancy immediately so the fundraising enterprise continues to perform at a high level. When this occurs, Covenant has the capacity, expertise, and experience to deploy a member of our professional staff to fulfill key roles until you’ve hired a permanent replacement. Covenant can provide these interim development staffing solutions on a full-time equivalent or at some level less than full-time if appropriate.
Endowment Planning – Covenant will help you evaluate readiness and capacity for an Endowment Campaign, put the necessary pieces into place, and help to prepare a plan to launch and conduct a successful endowment campaign that provides annually-renewable unrestricted funding for your mission for years to come. Endowment Building – Once you’re ready to embark on an endowment campaign, Covenant offers a specialized service to help nonprofit organizations build a multimillion dollar endowed fund over the course of two years. This service includes comprehensive, full time, onsite support from a member of the Covenant team to meet the two-year endowment fundraising goal.
Philanthropic Advisory Services - If you need high-level, expert guidance and advice on philanthropic matters, Covenant’s team of experts can be available on retainer or for specific projects as they arise. When those big questions arise, Covenant is the firm to call.
Major Gifts Strategy - Major donors are vital to most successful fundraising enterprises. If you need assistance with the build-out of a major gifts program or need help fine-tuning an existing program in the area of identification, acquisition, solicitations, stewardship, or retention, Covenant can help. Planned Giving Strategy - It’s the top of the giving pyramid. Planned gift donors have the potential to bring in unparalleled revenue and create a sustainable future for your mission. Few organizations have developed their own planning giving program and still others could benefit from taking some concrete steps toward growing revenue from wills and estates and other planned gifts. Let Covenant help you build your planned giving program from scratch or help you identify the resources and next steps to elevate your capacity in the gift planning realm.
Board, Volunteer, and Staff Training - Covenant’s team of experts prepares and delivers effective customized training sessions for your staff, volunteers, or board members. Whether it’s training on ethics, fundraising, collaboration, nonprofit management, capital campaigns, donor engagement, storytelling, or any number of other areas in fundraising, we’ll equip those working hardest for your mission to succeed.

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Contact: Kyle Houlton
Phone: 657-235-5005
Firefly Fundraising
Service Area: National
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Firefly Fundraising offers a wide spectrum of services, from team building workshops to board development and organizational restructuring, but we specialize in grants strategy and execution, including: • Program development and planning; • Reframing existing programs to open new funding streams; • Strengthening program metrics; • Target research to find both private and corporate foundations and government sources at the city, county, state, and federal level; and • Writing and editing of grants through all phases, from relationship building to research, LOI creation, proposal submission, reporting, and more. Firefly Fundraising maintains long-term relationships with clients who do field-leading work in areas including community services, health care, the arts, childcare, foster care and adoption, services for people with disabilities, minority advocacy, care for the elderly, homelessness, and local and international community development.

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Contact: Steven Klein
Five Tool Fundraiser, Inc.
Service Area: National
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Working with an executive/fundraising coach can help take your career to the next level. If you are looking for the right coach partner to help you grow professionally, please click below. We have a team of accomplished professional fundraisers and coaching experts that are prepared to coach you up no matter what stage of career you are in today and no matter what want to achieve in the future.

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Contact: Christopher Looney
Phone: 949-836-6957
Fulcrum Nonprofit Leadership, LLC
Service Area: National
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Fulcrum is committed to providing the tools and resources members require to succeed, which includes access to customized and personalized coaching and training by professionals within our network. While the fees associated with coaching and training are paid separately and directly to a third party vendor, Fulcrum recognizes the value of sourcing experts to provide you the support you need.

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Contact: Chris Looney
Phone: 949-836-6957
Grants Plus
Service Area: U.S.-based nonprofits
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We partner with U.S.-based nonprofits committed to meeting urgent human, health, and community needs.

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Contact: John Manning
Phone: 3123404296
Idea Hall
Service Area: While our headquarters are rooted in Orange County, our team operates nationally with team members based in Southern California, New York, Houston and Nashville.
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Data is everything! With access to your platforms, our team can integrate all your marketing, advertising and PR reporting to create a one-stop, fully integrated dashboard. We can provide custom performance data on: • Site traffic, conversions and other website KPIs • Social media impressions, followers and engagement • Media coverage • Email campaign performance • Advertising campaigns • And more.
Idea Hall offers comprehensive services designed to streamline and enhance marketing efforts across various channels. Our team excels in strategic planning, creative development, and data-driven execution of campaigns to achieve targeted business objectives. Our proven phased approach includes market research, audience analysis, and multi-channel outreach, ensuring cohesive and impactful messaging. Additionally, being data-driven, we provide detailed analytics and performance tracking, allowing for real-time adjustments and optimization. With expertise in digital marketing, public relations, and traditional advertising, we act as a pivotal partner in driving brand awareness, engagement, and conversion rates.
Idea Hall is a powerful fusion of branding, PR, marketing and integrated communications. We believe in the power of ideas to transform business and change lives. With experts across branding, public relations, social media, advertising, digital and content creation, we create programs that help our clients find the right solutions for achieving their objectives. As an insight-driven integrated marketing communications agency, we are innovative and transformational with how we approach all work and client. Data is everything! With access to your platforms, our team can integrate all your marketing, advertising and PR reporting to create a one-stop, fully integrated dashboard. We can provide custom performance data on: • Site traffic, conversions and other website KPIs • Social media impressions, followers and engagement • Media coverage • Email campaign performance • Advertising campaigns • And more.
From crafting creative concepts to designing campaign assets, infographics, data visualizations, publications, social post templates, newsletters, magazine ads, and more, Idea Hall's creative team excels in innovative explorations to make your brand shine. We specialize in transforming complex data into visually compelling and easily understandable formats. By leveraging advanced design techniques, creative thinking, and a deep understanding of information hierarchy, we ensure that information is not only aesthetically pleasing but also effectively communicates key messages. This enhances the accessibility and engagement of the content, making it easier for audiences to digest and act upon the information presented. Branding is also one of Idea Hall's fortes. With decades of experience in creating and managing brands of all sizes, our team is ready to dive in and bring your brand to life. Our comprehensive branding development services includes: • Brand Strategy • Archetype development • What, Why, Way or Vision, Mission, Values development • Brand white space analysis and unique positioning • Brand hierarchy • Naming • Corporate/Product Identity (logo) • Property/Destination Identity (logo) • Look & feel design • Photographic style design • Voice and tone development • Audio brand, audio monikers, jingles • Brand style guide • Brand management and consulting • Collateral Materials
Idea Hall develops and manages online fundraising initiatives to creatively and effectively maximize donor engagement and contributions. Our services include creating compelling digital content, designing user-friendly donation platforms, and implementing targeted email and social media campaigns. By leveraging advanced analytics and donor segmentation, our team strives to optimize campaign strategies to reach and resonate with specific donor groups. We also provide detailed performance tracking and reporting, allowing for real-time adjustments and enhanced campaign effectiveness.
Idea Hall orchestrates seamless and memorable events tailored to meet specific client objectives. Whether it's a public or private event, a launch, a conference, a celebration, a seminar, or a webinar, our services include comprehensive event design, logistical coordination, vendor management, and on-site execution. Additionally, we excel in media relations, ensuring your event garners the right publicity by reaching out to relevant media outlets and influencers. By leveraging our expertise in project management, public relations, creative design, and industry relationships, our team ensures every detail is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed. With a focus on delivering exceptional experiences, Idea Hall transforms visions into reality, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.
With a strong background in communications-based programs, Idea Hall understands how important a public relations program is for any organization. Our team looks at public relations programs holistically and strategically to ensure that all tactics align to meet any strategic communications goals. Our PR services include: • Media Relations • Community Engagement • Social Media • Events • Influencer Relations • Stakeholder Relations • Public Information • Public Outreach • Crisis / Issues Communication • Thought Leadership • Internal Communications • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) strategy and communications
Idea Hall specializes in crafting and executing dynamic social media strategies to enhance brand presence and engagement across platforms. We develop tailored social media playbooks to guide your marketing team, ensuring a consistent approach to presenting the brand and interacting with audiences on each platform. Idea Hall also supports the creation of customized content, management of social media accounts, execution of targeted ad campaigns, and leveraging of analytics to optimize performance. Our comprehensive reporting and insights enable continuous improvement and maximum return on investment. By staying ahead of social media trends, Idea Hall helps drive brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty.
Simply put, strategy is the “HOW” we will position the organization, services or product to appeal to its audiences. Idea Hall is often called on for its strategic counsel including: • Research and data analysis • Strategic planning / integrated marketing plan development • Brand strategy • PR Strategy • Content strategy • Lead generation strategy • Fractional CMO consulting • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) strategy and consulting • Working Genius® assessments and consulting • Community outreach strategy • Data Dashboard set up and analysis The work product is confidential, but our client roster includes: • Martin Luther King, Jr. Center’s “Non-Violence 360” product launch • Sandra Day O’Connor Institute’s “Civics for Life” initiative • Ignite Capital • Goodwill Industries of Orange County • University of California, Irvine “brand experience”
Idea Hall creates high-quality video content that effectively communicates your brand's message and captivates your audience. Our services include concept development, scriptwriting, filming, editing, motion graphics, and post-production. By leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading techniques, our team produces engaging videos for various platforms, including social media, websites, commercials, and corporate presentations. Additionally, we offer strategic guidance on video marketing to maximize reach and impact, ensuring your videos achieve the desired results.
Idea Hall specializes in creating innovative and user-centric websites that enhance brand identity and improve user experience. Our comprehensive website design and development services include responsive design, custom development, and search engine optimization (SEO). Building on brand development and utilizing cutting-edge technologies and best practices, we ensure that every website brings the brand to life, is visually appealing, functional, and optimized for performance across all devices. Our team also provides hosting, ongoing support, and maintenance to keep your site updated and secure. With a focus on delivering tailored solutions, Idea Hall helps businesses establish a strong online presence and achieve their digital goals.

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Contact: Rebecca Hall
Phone: 714.436.0855
Lindsay Simonds Consulting - San Francisco, CA
Service Area: National and International
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The capital campaigns we direct increase cashflow 2-10x what the organizations are raising annually. (We never rob Peter to pay Paul. Even during intense capital campaigns, operational funds rise under our management in tandem.)
We are relationship-minded at the center of our work. We emphasize tools like High-Value Questions to tune into donor motivations which leads to improved donor experiences, increased giving, and strong pledge fulfillment rates.
The feasibility studies we conduct reach a wider audience and produce more sophisticated results than other firms on the market. We use AI to ensure we navigate bold endeavors with qualitative and quantitative resources.
When we are tasked with serving as interim leadership, we bring new levels of rigor and cadence to development shops across the country.
The consultants at LSC play an integral role in evaluating development offices, designing strategic growth plans, and managing extraordinary fundraising endeavors. We work with the new hires and the old guard, alike.
Our board training “brings life and ease to the volunteer responsibilities” with nuances and subtle adjustments in the approach (so we’ve been told!).

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Contact: Lindsay Simonds
Resolute Philanthropy
Service Area: National
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Fundraising coaching - for executive leaders, board members, or full-time fundraisers - can help an organization ensure their fundraising is effective, sustainable, and transformative. Get one-on-one support to address issues, challenge assumptions, and support your fundraising team as they build a community of supporters. Coaching will be focused on fundraising strategies and operations and will provide an opportunity to brainstorm on current projects, increase professional skills, and create strategies to improve donor relations and retentions. Coaching calls can be delivered via Zoom on a weekly basis – and can be supplemented by email or text communication. The coaching content will be staff-driven and designed to support departmental goals.
As interim Chief Development Officer, Resolute Philanthropy will provide fundraising planning, coaching, and leadership services to your organization. Services could include: • Partner with the CEO to create fundraising strategy and direction for the organization • Lead staff fundraising efforts • Assist with the creation of board strategy, including expectation and evaluation documents, give/get policies, and succession planning • Review current fundraising capacity, programs, and systems – and recommend strategic improvements or changes • Create a fundraising plan and revised case for support • Manage grant process / pipeline • Review fundraising position description and goals • Review / improve / create fundraising policies and structures (gift acceptance policy, stewardship plan, etc.)
Resolute Philanthropy can provide both strategic and fundraising planning support. Strategic plans can help connect staff goals with organizational goals, while emphasizing measurable goals and outcomes. Fundraising plans are a a toolkit that contains foundational information (case for support), guidelines and action items based on the donor cycle (cultivation, solicitation, stewardship), and presents timeline information to guide specific actions. As with any fundraising / development plan, the ultimate outcome for this plan is to build meaningful and sustainable relationships with individuals and organizations to support your mission.
Resolute Philanthropy can provide training sessions for board members, staff, or volunteers, focusing on key elements of fundraising such as cultivation, stewardship, corporate giving, annual giving, fundraising strategy, fundraising leadership, fundraising attitude. Training can be provided in-person or virtually, tailored to meet your organizational needs.

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Contact: Chris Baiocchi
Phone: 7148158201