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Lindsay Simonds Consulting - San Francisco, CA
Service Area: National and International
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The capital campaigns we direct increase cashflow 2-10x what the organizations are raising annually. (We never rob Peter to pay Paul. Even during intense capital campaigns, operational funds rise under our management in tandem.)
We are relationship-minded at the center of our work. We emphasize tools like High-Value Questions to tune into donor motivations which leads to improved donor experiences, increased giving, and strong pledge fulfillment rates.
The feasibility studies we conduct reach a wider audience and produce more sophisticated results than other firms on the market. We use AI to ensure we navigate bold endeavors with qualitative and quantitative resources.
When we are tasked with serving as interim leadership, we bring new levels of rigor and cadence to development shops across the country.
The consultants at LSC play an integral role in evaluating development offices, designing strategic growth plans, and managing extraordinary fundraising endeavors. We work with the new hires and the old guard, alike.
Our board training ā€œbrings life and ease to the volunteer responsibilitiesā€ with nuances and subtle adjustments in the approach (so weā€™ve been told!).

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