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Covenant Philanthropic Solutions
Service Area: Primarily Southern California, but experience with and ability to serve clients in many US regions.
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Campaign Management - The Covenant team is prepared to help you and your team start your campaign strong and finish well, running alongside you to the finish line. Our campaign management services, which deploy expert campaign managers from our staff to support your campaign, are scalable and flexible and are designed to deliver the experience and expertise required to succeed with your extraordinary campaign initiative. Campaign Counsel - Our experienced and expert campaign consultants are capable of coming alongside your organizational and campaign leadership to provide the high-level guidance, advice, training, and support your campaign requires. We provide this service in a high-touch, personal, and tailored manner.
If you need high-level, expert guidance and advice on philanthropic matters, Covenant’s team of experts can be available on retainer or for specific projects as they arise. When those big questions arise, Covenant is the firm to call.
Development Audits and Assessments - Striving to reach the full philanthropic potential of an organization is a never-ending endeavor. That being said, organizations can make significant strides in the advancement of their fundraising enterprise through development audits and assessments. Whether your organization needs to build its first-ever multi-year development plan or fine-tune some specific aspect of your fundraising (i.e. - data, board engagement, staffing, major gifts, planned giving, etc.), Covenant can partner with you to elevate philanthropy.
Pre-Campaign Planning - Successful campaigns are built on proper planning and preparation. Whether your organization has conducted many campaigns or this is your organization’s first campaign effort, pre-campaign planning and preparation are vital. Covenant’s support, whether through a comprehensive feasibility and planning study or advisory guidance, can help assure your success.
Interim Development Staffing Solutions - When key members depart from your development team, there is often a need to fill that vacancy immediately so the fundraising enterprise continues to perform at a high level. When this occurs, Covenant has the capacity, expertise, and experience to deploy a member of our professional staff to fulfill key roles until you’ve hired a permanent replacement. Covenant can provide these interim development staffing solutions on a full-time equivalent or at some level less than full-time if appropriate.
Endowment Planning – Covenant will help you evaluate readiness and capacity for an Endowment Campaign, put the necessary pieces into place, and help to prepare a plan to launch and conduct a successful endowment campaign that provides annually-renewable unrestricted funding for your mission for years to come. Endowment Building – Once you’re ready to embark on an endowment campaign, Covenant offers a specialized service to help nonprofit organizations build a multimillion dollar endowed fund over the course of two years. This service includes comprehensive, full time, onsite support from a member of the Covenant team to meet the two-year endowment fundraising goal.
Philanthropic Advisory Services - If you need high-level, expert guidance and advice on philanthropic matters, Covenant’s team of experts can be available on retainer or for specific projects as they arise. When those big questions arise, Covenant is the firm to call.
Major Gifts Strategy - Major donors are vital to most successful fundraising enterprises. If you need assistance with the build-out of a major gifts program or need help fine-tuning an existing program in the area of identification, acquisition, solicitations, stewardship, or retention, Covenant can help. Planned Giving Strategy - It’s the top of the giving pyramid. Planned gift donors have the potential to bring in unparalleled revenue and create a sustainable future for your mission. Few organizations have developed their own planning giving program and still others could benefit from taking some concrete steps toward growing revenue from wills and estates and other planned gifts. Let Covenant help you build your planned giving program from scratch or help you identify the resources and next steps to elevate your capacity in the gift planning realm.
Board, Volunteer, and Staff Training - Covenant’s team of experts prepares and delivers effective customized training sessions for your staff, volunteers, or board members. Whether it’s training on ethics, fundraising, collaboration, nonprofit management, capital campaigns, donor engagement, storytelling, or any number of other areas in fundraising, we’ll equip those working hardest for your mission to succeed.

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Contact: Kyle Houlton
Phone: 657-235-5005
Five Tool Fundraiser, Inc.
Service Area: National
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Working with an executive/fundraising coach can help take your career to the next level. If you are looking for the right coach partner to help you grow professionally, please click below. We have a team of accomplished professional fundraisers and coaching experts that are prepared to coach you up no matter what stage of career you are in today and no matter what want to achieve in the future.

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Contact: Christopher Looney
Phone: 949-836-6957
Fulcrum Nonprofit Leadership, LLC
Service Area: National
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Fulcrum is committed to providing the tools and resources members require to succeed, which includes access to customized and personalized coaching and training by professionals within our network. While the fees associated with coaching and training are paid separately and directly to a third party vendor, Fulcrum recognizes the value of sourcing experts to provide you the support you need.

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Contact: Chris Looney
Phone: 949-836-6957
Lindsay Simonds Consulting - San Francisco, CA
Service Area: National and International
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The capital campaigns we direct increase cashflow 2-10x what the organizations are raising annually. (We never rob Peter to pay Paul. Even during intense capital campaigns, operational funds rise under our management in tandem.)
We are relationship-minded at the center of our work. We emphasize tools like High-Value Questions to tune into donor motivations which leads to improved donor experiences, increased giving, and strong pledge fulfillment rates.
The feasibility studies we conduct reach a wider audience and produce more sophisticated results than other firms on the market. We use AI to ensure we navigate bold endeavors with qualitative and quantitative resources.
When we are tasked with serving as interim leadership, we bring new levels of rigor and cadence to development shops across the country.
The consultants at LSC play an integral role in evaluating development offices, designing strategic growth plans, and managing extraordinary fundraising endeavors. We work with the new hires and the old guard, alike.
Our board training “brings life and ease to the volunteer responsibilities” with nuances and subtle adjustments in the approach (so we’ve been told!).

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Contact: Lindsay Simonds
Resolute Philanthropy
Service Area: National
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Fundraising coaching - for executive leaders, board members, or full-time fundraisers - can help an organization ensure their fundraising is effective, sustainable, and transformative. Get one-on-one support to address issues, challenge assumptions, and support your fundraising team as they build a community of supporters. Coaching will be focused on fundraising strategies and operations and will provide an opportunity to brainstorm on current projects, increase professional skills, and create strategies to improve donor relations and retentions. Coaching calls can be delivered via Zoom on a weekly basis – and can be supplemented by email or text communication. The coaching content will be staff-driven and designed to support departmental goals.
As interim Chief Development Officer, Resolute Philanthropy will provide fundraising planning, coaching, and leadership services to your organization. Services could include: • Partner with the CEO to create fundraising strategy and direction for the organization • Lead staff fundraising efforts • Assist with the creation of board strategy, including expectation and evaluation documents, give/get policies, and succession planning • Review current fundraising capacity, programs, and systems – and recommend strategic improvements or changes • Create a fundraising plan and revised case for support • Manage grant process / pipeline • Review fundraising position description and goals • Review / improve / create fundraising policies and structures (gift acceptance policy, stewardship plan, etc.)
Resolute Philanthropy can provide both strategic and fundraising planning support. Strategic plans can help connect staff goals with organizational goals, while emphasizing measurable goals and outcomes. Fundraising plans are a a toolkit that contains foundational information (case for support), guidelines and action items based on the donor cycle (cultivation, solicitation, stewardship), and presents timeline information to guide specific actions. As with any fundraising / development plan, the ultimate outcome for this plan is to build meaningful and sustainable relationships with individuals and organizations to support your mission.
Resolute Philanthropy can provide training sessions for board members, staff, or volunteers, focusing on key elements of fundraising such as cultivation, stewardship, corporate giving, annual giving, fundraising strategy, fundraising leadership, fundraising attitude. Training can be provided in-person or virtually, tailored to meet your organizational needs.

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Contact: Chris Baiocchi
Phone: 7148158201