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Founded in 2000, Firefly Fundraising is a boutique fundraising consulting firm serving nonprofits of all sizes. Firefly delivers comprehensive, strategic grants expertise at a cost that enables long-term client relationships, even for small and midsize nonprofits. These relationships, in turn, increase our ability to engage deeply, work efficiently, and guide an organization’s operations to maximize funding. Firefly works on a flat, monthly fee. The hourly rate used to arrive at that fee depends on the length of the agreement, level of leadership expected, pace of deadlines, and other factors. To get the best sense of what working with Firefly would cost, request a free consultation, after which Firefly will propose a service package tailored to your needs and budget range. For reference, engagements often fall into two phases: • Research Phase: Firefly’s target research provides a client with a full, up-to-date picture of the relevant funding landscape. Depending on the complexity of a nonprofit’s programs, a research phase can take 30 – 100 hours over 4 – 8 weeks, inclusive of meetings and discussions for Firefly to “run up the learning curve” of an organization. • Grants Campaign: Firefly runs ongoing grants campaigns to fit a wide range of budgets. Years of data suggest that the “typical range” for a grants campaign works out to an average of between 35 and 104 hours per month in retainer, multiplied by a fixed hourly. Firefly Fundraising never works on commission and makes no exceptions to that rule.

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Grant Writing Firefly Fundraising offers a wide spectrum of services, from team building workshops to board development and organizational restructuring, but we specialize in grants strategy and execution, including: • Program development and planning; • Reframing existing programs to open new funding streams; • Strengthening program metrics; • Target research to find both private and corporate foundations and government sources at the city, county, state, and federal level; and • Writing and editing of grants through all phases, from relationship building to research, LOI creation, proposal submission, reporting, and more. Firefly Fundraising maintains long-term relationships with clients who do field-leading work in areas including community services, health care, the arts, childcare, foster care and adoption, services for people with disabilities, minority advocacy, care for the elderly, homelessness, and local and international community development.

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